The Veto Factor

There’s a reason that we’re starting this site with an article on the Veto Factor—it’s the only reason that we’re still alive.

The thing is, both of us love adventure, and we like going where no man (or woman) has gone before. Which means jumping off a cliff into a bottomless pool in Belize (yeah, I did that). Or swimming (unintentionally) with piranhas in Peru (great idea, Terri!) Or hanging out behind the NO ADMITTANCE sign on a secure military base in Central America (probably best not to mention that location).

In other words, we do stupid things. A lot. But every so often, we call on the Veto Factor to prevent ourselves from doing something so epically idiotic that we may not ever recover, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to keep traveling, or writing, or sharing our adventures with you.

On every trip, each of us gets a total of three vetoes—chances to say no, without explanation, to the other person’s idea. So a typical conversation goes like this:

Terri: I got the map from the rental car guy. There’s a road here that’s marked off in big red X’s that says, “DO NOT ATTEMPT.” I think we should go find it.

Vanessa: No. We will not go find it. We have already been on four roads that they call ‘highways’ here, including one being built while we were driving on it, and one that actually ended up in a stream.

Terri: But it will be fun! How bad could it be?

Vanessa: We just drove over FISH. On a highway.

Terri: Right. And we did fine. So let’s take this road.

Vanessa: AAA doesn’t work here, Terri. And I’m not driving on a road that even people who live here—who use machetes to access their highways—will not use.

Terri: But think of the pictures.

Vanessa: The last photos our parents ever see?

Terri: Seriously. It’s only about 40 miles out of our way…

Vanessa: VETO.

So you see where I’m going with this (which is not on that road). We will occasionally not tell you stories, of places that we have not been, because they have been vetoed. But otherwise, this site is pretty much a free-for-all of amazing places, great people and epic adventures that we’re lucky enough to experience as travel writers. And we’d love it if you’d join us on our journey.