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Toilet Paper holder review on EveryRoadAStory.com

Toilet Paper Holders: It’s Called a Roll for a Reason

By Vanessa Orr

Most times, people send us products to review, and we’re happy to tell you our opinion of them. In some cases, however, I feel a NEED to review items that no one has asked me to talk about, simply because there are things that have to be said. Case in point: Who thought it was … Read more

Maine Windjammer cruise adventure with Every Road a Story

Putting the Jammed in Windjammer

By Terri Marshall

When you receive an invitation to sail on a 100+-year-old sailboat along the mid-coast of Maine, you say yes. And you say it with enthusiasm. I mean, what could be better? Iconic lighthouses, lobster rolls, idyllic sailing conditions and adventure. Count me in. When I e-mailed Vanessa with the idea, she was all in, too—minus … Read more

Wildlife adventures in Big Bend with Every Road A Story

Totally Team Coyote

By Vanessa Orr

So we all grew up watching Roadrunner cartoons, right? And that silly little bird, while definitely having a sadistic streak, doesn’t seem all bad. In fact, he’s kind of cute, which makes rooting against the coyote, who is admittedly trying to make a meal out of him, seem like the right thing to do. Lies. … Read more

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