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Wildlife adventures in Big Bend with Every Road A Story

Totally Team Coyote

By Vanessa Orr

So we all grew up watching Roadrunner cartoons, right? And that silly little bird, while definitely having a sadistic streak, doesn’t seem all bad. In fact, he’s kind of cute, which makes rooting against the coyote, who is admittedly trying to make a meal out of him, seem like the right thing to do. Lies. … Read more

Learning to Ski (When We Can Barely Walk)

By Vanessa Orr

Neither Terri or I are known for our grace—she actually fell up a flight of stairs in a New York subway, and I am still, five years later, recovering from a fractured ankle caused during what we refer to only as “the chocolate martini incident.” And don’t even ask me how I managed to dislocate … Read more

Watch ‘Is! Off-roading on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails

By Vanessa Orr

There are many things that you bring back from a great trip:  stunning photos, memorable moments, friendships that will last a lifetime. But when Terri and I got to travel to southern West Virginia’s coal country to go four-wheeling on the Hatfield-McCoy trails, we brought back something that stuck with us even more. Mud. Lots … Read more

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