“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”

Bigfoot in the Bilger's Rocks on EveryRoadAStory

Stalking Bigfoot through Bilger’s Rocks

By Vanessa Orr

Hearing Terri scream on a trip is not unusual. In fact, it’s usually par for the course when she falls up a set of stairs or tumbles off a compost toilet* or trips over, basically, most anything. And since I’m about as coordinated, we rarely get alarmed when the other one lets out a yell. … Read more

Edinburgh Castle as seen on the best tours of Scotland on Every Road a Story

Vanessa & Terri Taste Scotland…Literally

By Terri Marshall

Somewhere in Scotland… As bagpipe music pierced the air and young Scottish lasses swirled on stage, I was distracted by a somewhat more annoying, persistent sound. Vanessa: Psst. PSST! Terri (whispering): What? Vanessa: What’s that on my plate? Terri: Some sort of Scottish food. Taste it. Vanessa: I don’t know what it is. Terri: Just eat … Read more

best local bars in Erie

Imbibing in Erie, PA

By Vanessa Orr

Erie, PA is no stranger to awards; recently, its National Natural Landmark, Presque Isle State Park, was named as the best freshwater beach in North America and as Pennsylvania’s top attraction. And while these are worthy accomplishments, we wanted to see what other types of attractions the area had to offer—the kind that don’t make … Read more

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