“Live the life that people write novels about.”

Belfast Peace Walls, Black Taxi

Finding Peace in Times of Troubles

By Vanessa Orr

Terri and I don’t do well when it comes to off-limits areas. In fact, if there’s a sign that says KEEP OUT or AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY, chances are we can be found on the wrong side of it. It’s not that we don’t understand the message. It’s just that it’s so damn tempting to find … Read more

Borealis Basecamp on EveryRoadAStory.com

A Night On the Moon, Sort Of

By Terri Marshall

When you’ve arrived in Fairbanks, Alaska in January and your host asks if you would like to spend the night at Borealis Basecamp, you say yes…even before you know what that means. And then you look it up and realize you’re not just heading to a destination, you’re heading straight into an experience—one that you’ll … Read more

Bigfoot in the Bilger's Rocks on EveryRoadAStory

Stalking Bigfoot through Bilger’s Rocks

By Vanessa Orr

Hearing Terri scream on a trip is not unusual. In fact, it’s usually par for the course when she falls up a set of stairs or tumbles off a compost toilet* or trips over, basically, most anything. And since I’m about as coordinated, we rarely get alarmed when the other one lets out a yell. … Read more

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