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best local bars in Erie

Imbibing in Erie, PA

By Vanessa Orr

Erie, PA is no stranger to awards; recently, its National Natural Landmark, Presque Isle State Park, was named as the best freshwater beach in North America and as Pennsylvania’s top attraction. And while these are worthy accomplishments, we wanted to see what other types of attractions the area had to offer—the kind that don’t make … Read more

Toilet Paper holder review on EveryRoadAStory.com

Toilet Paper Holders: It’s Called a Roll for a Reason

By Vanessa Orr

Most times, people send us products to review, and we’re happy to tell you our opinion of them. In some cases, however, I feel a NEED to review items that no one has asked me to talk about, simply because there are things that have to be said. Case in point: Who thought it was … Read more

Maine Windjammer cruise adventure with Every Road a Story

Putting the Jammed in Windjammer

By Terri Marshall

When you receive an invitation to sail on a 100+-year-old sailboat along the mid-coast of Maine, you say yes. And you say it with enthusiasm. I mean, what could be better? Iconic lighthouses, lobster rolls, idyllic sailing conditions and adventure. Count me in. When I e-mailed Vanessa with the idea, she was all in, too—minus … Read more

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