“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”

houseboating in Pennsylvania

Let’s Talk Houseboating

By Terri Marshall

  Sometimes we take our stories on air for the world to hear. It works well for me since I LOVE to talk! Here’s a link to my recent appearance on Travel Planners Radio Network where I share my version of the tales from our mishap-filled adventures while houseboating in Pennsylvania. No doubt Vanessa will … Read more

Things to do in Beloit on EveryRoadAStory.co

Battling Big, Bad Zombies in Beloit, Wisconsin

By Terri Marshall

Badgers are described as “ferocious fighters with an attitude that should not be bothered.” I mention this because Vanessa and I recently spent a few days in Wisconsin—the badger state. Coincidence? I think not. Although we are generally harmless—when left alone—there are times when our tendency to be ferocious fighters comes in handy. One such … Read more

Tea time in Altoona

Pinkies Up! Tea Time in Altoona

By Vanessa Orr

By Vanessa I’ve always thought that the English tradition of having tea was lovely. Instead of grabbing something out of a vending machine or hitting up a fast food joint, stopping midday to have a warm drink and a scone or crustless sandwich just seems so damn civilized. So I was pleased while visiting Altoona, … Read more

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