“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Getting that Sinking Feeling: Kayaking in the Nation’s Largest Sunken Ship Graveyard

By Vanessa Orr

So it’s bad enough when Terri and I get in a car together, especially if she wants to drive. She considers my need to have hold of the steering wheel at all times the sign of a true control freak; I see it more as the need to not spend my last moments on earth … Read more

They Gave Us Guns: Learning to Shoot in Lajitas

By Vanessa Orr

I’ve written before about the fact that both Terri and I are fairly uncoordinated, which is why we were surprised—in fact, dumbfounded—when our hosts at the Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa in Lajitas, TX, agreed to let us sign up for shooting activities. In other words, they gave us loaded guns. Now far be it … Read more

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